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Mock OSHA Inspection

Mock OSHA Inspections help our clients identify some of the possible pain points. Primarily, the focus dials in on any potential hazards that are identified on OSHA’s top 10 most frequently cited deficiencies. A Mock OSHA inspection helps identify where safety and health hazards/violations exist within everyday operations.

Safety System Audit

The safety audit elements CE considers coincide with set industry standards. In addition, a number of Best Practices, ANSI, and NFPA standards, are embedded due to applicable exposures. The observations and recommendations CE makes are the results of practices, conditions observed, and information made available to us at the time of our visit.

Keep in mind, observations don’t purport to refer to or guarantee compliance with local, state, or federal regulations, which may be applicable to such practices and conditions.


The Compliance Edge measures the degree of compliance with established criteria using professional judgment techniques. Clients receive an overview of the findings of the Mock OSHA inspection. Additionally, CE provides recommendations for corrective action. We base the final report findings on conclusions from management and employee interviews, records and document checks, and operational tours.

Next, CE conducts a safety audit around OSHA standards of physical hazards. The audit is in compliance with 1910 General Industry standards and 1926 Construction standards if/where applicable. Then, our team reviews all of your written programs. Any hazards found will be recorded using a digital camera and incorporated into the final report. Lastly, the final report includes documentation of immediate and long-term recommendations of our findings.