Construction worker hardhat, blueprints and .construction level, top view

Safety Manual Development

The Compliance Edge develops safety manuals from the ground up, update an existing manual, or start from scratch with a customizable safety manual to be site-specific to the company’s needs. CE develops custom safety manuals to exceed OSHA’s recommended standards specific to each state.

Our team has the experience to identify the hazards that relate to each type of workplace, regardless of the industry. CE has made countless successful manuals for diverse industries. Next, we take into account the State and Federal government’s regulations for client safety program content. The Compliance Edge develops outlines to be truly site-specific. Most importantly, the manual is laid out to be easy to read with easily understandable content.

Once the development of the safety manual is drafted, CE provides our clients with a complete version for review. Any changes, additions, and deletions are made by the client and our team is readily available to implement edits.

Lastly, The Compliance Edge finalizes the manual and provides both a hard copy and editable version so clients can update the manual when necessary.